Top 10 Most Popular House Exterior Colors of 2017

by Houston Texas Painters - December 26, 2017

House Exterior Colors of 2017

One of the first things that people notice in your home is your exterior paint. Of course, naturally, you want the look of your home to be eye-catching. Whether you’re repainting or still trying to decide what 
color scheme you’ll use for your home, you should have a color that will stand out.

Anyway, that’s enough chit-chat.


Here are the 10 Most Popular House Color Schemes of 2017


    1. Slate Gray + White + Deep Turquoise

      Sophisticated and elegant. This color scheme will give your home a neutral palette that is easy on the eyes. Your front door will be painted with a deep turquoise as it complements your slate gray walls and white trims.

    2. Ivory + White + Aqua

      Homes with symmetrical colors radiate elegance, heritage, and formality. Give your home a traditional yet modern aesthetic with light colors accented by a darker color. If you’re looking for a color scheme that provides a soft facade, this one’s for you.

    3. Cool Green + Butter Yellow + Pure White

      Do you have a woodland setting around your home? Complement your background with this cool color palette and let the colors of your house synchronize with nature’s natural tones. You’ll surely catch your neighbors’ attention with your calm and serene looking dwelling place.

    4. Aqua + Royal Purple + Crisp White

      For homes with a nearby seaside, or if you just love your home to reflect the brilliance of the ocean, this is the scheme for you. As the aqua and crisp white dance in harmony with your walls, allow your front door to explode with a more saturated tone like royal purple.

    5. Celestial Blue + Cotton White

      If you have a garden upfront and you want colors that will compliment your greens, choose this color scheme. It will go well with the concrete curb and make your home pop with its cloudy ambiance. Paint the colors of the sky in your home.

    6. Mustard Yellow + Brown + Honeysuckle White

      Do you want to have a more Tudor aesthetic for your house? Choose this palette and complement them with a neutral-stained wooden door. An excellent mix of Tudor style and contemporary as the brown accents meld with the bright mustard yellow.

    7. Clay + Bitter Chocolate Brown

      Looking for a modern southwest-style for your home? Whip up these colors for your house! Have that natural looking clay blend with a wood-tone bitter chocolate brown.

    8. Taupe + Beige + Brown + Rustic Red

      This color scheme leans toward a more earthy palette for your home. It’s eye-catching and traditional as the muted hues of taupe and beige gives a sun-baked look.

    9. Crab Apple + Blue Gray + Beige

      Give your home a bold look with this color scheme. The warm and earthy crab apple red is a color with an exceptional look for traditional houses. Pair it with beige shutters, and a fresh blue-gray door and your home will radiate a classy and all-American vibe.

    10. Olive Green + Oak + White

      If your home has a Craftsman-style with one of those intricate architectural details, let your aesthetics shine with this muted color combination.


Of course, you should also be mindful of the quality of your paint. No matter how good your color combinations are, if you don’t have a high-quality paint, it wouldn’t last long. You can also have Duty Cleaners take care of your home while you paint.

If you’re not very good with your hands and you need help with painting your home, don’t be shy to ask for help. Just call professional house painters, and you’ll be sure that expert painters paint your home just like you want. Call now for the average cost to paint a house exterior.