Top Ideas About What To Do With Pumpkins After Halloween

by Houston Texas Painters - October 22, 2020

We are all looking forward to Halloween celebrations. We get our pumpkins ready to scare away those stingy neighbors and other wandering evil spirits.

But Halloween comes and goes, and you’re left with a porch full of jack-o’-lantern leftovers. What do we do with the pumpkins and their remains?

There are many options for doing away with them apart from disposing of them together with your trash. You can recycle them and use them constructively, or if you opt to throw them away, you can do so in an eco-friendly manner. Pumpkins can bring a little more joy to you even after Halloween.

Here are a few Halloween pumpkin recycling tips.

1. Eating the Pumpkins

Since pumpkin is a fruit, the first thing that comes to mind when we think about what to do with them should be using them to add value to our bodies. Pumpkins are known for being very rich in Vitamin A and for being highly nutritious. They contain antioxidant components, which reduces the risks of getting chronic diseases. Eating pumpkins should probably be the most enjoyable and value-adding way of reusing them.

So how about making a meal out of the remaining fresh pumpkins after Halloween? There are several meals and drinks that you can prepare from pumpkin remains. A few of these include:-

  • Make a pumpkin lasagna
  • Brew pumpkin-spiced latte coffee
  • Prepare a pumpkin beer or cocktail 
  • Make pumpkin butter, which you can apply to your toast or add to your cereals for breakfast
  • Bake a pumpkin bread
  • Have the roasted seeds for a snack together with other toppings such as honey
  • Make a pie for dessert

2. Use the Seeds to Plant more Pumpkins.

You want to do something with the pumpkin seeds instead of throwing them away, right?  

You can separate them from the stringy pumpkin flesh by cutting it on top and scooping them neatly, washing them, then drying them with a piece of cloth or putting them in the sun to dry. You can then keep them in a cool and dry place, ready to plant them during spring.

 This will save you the hustle and cost of going to the patch the next Halloween. 

A pumpkin garden also makes a stunning home garden, and you could use it to take cute at-home photos for social media.

You can also choose to roast them after you’ve dried them and eat them since these seeds are so rich in fiber and make a great addition to salads. 

3. Craft them to Make Home Décor

The beautiful little pumpkins that caught your attention so much at the patch can be creatively transformed and be favorite pieces of your house décor. 

Here’s how:

Make Candle Holders

Get your children on board for this project as they are likely to enjoy doing it. Craft those cute pumpkins into stylish candleholders for the next celebration. You could use tutorials to develop as designs and then enjoy the look of the new pieces in your house.

Turn Them into Decorative Planters

You removed the pumpkin seeds and all the fibrous strands, and now you have the hollowed pumpkin with you. You have an asset right there since you can use them as planters for your favorite flowers and plants. 

You can even paint them or wrap decorative pieces of clothes to style them up. What a perfect way to decorate the outside of your home in preparation for fall! 

4. Give Them Out To a Zoo or to Local Wildlife

If you don’t want to reuse them in your home, you could consider giving them out in a zoo to feed the animals. This is a very eco-friendly way of disposing of them. If there is no zoo around where you are, you could leave them out in bite-sized pieces for animals to enjoy munching on. 

After Halloween, there will be lots of pumpkins all over. One key area that caught my eye was its interior design use. Visit Houston Texas Painters for professional decorating ideas and services.