Wallpaper or Paint: What’s the Best Option for a Room

by Houston Texas Painters - February 4, 2019
Wallpaper or Paint What's the Best Option for a Room

Few elements in your home can give such a dramatic turn to the mood of a room than changing the paint or wallpaper of its walls, and it’s important that you know which factors are need to be considered for each, such as ease of application, cost, and versatility.  Your walls will benefit either way, but in different ways depending on your choice.

Remember that your walls’ colors and texture will serve as the basis and backdrop of all your interior decor choices, so give a good read to this guide, where we’ll tell you about the pros, cons and best options per individual room about using wallpaper and paint to make your decision much easier.

General pros and cons


Since there are more drawbacks to using wallpaper than to using paint, let’s start with it. First things first, wallpaper has to be applied by a professional, or you risk ending up with a very messy, uneven looking wall that will clash terribly with any sort of style it’s paired up with.

Also, because of the strong adhesive use in its application, removing wallpaper requires some pretty harsh chemicals you might not want to bring into your house. Then, and perhaps most importantly, wallpaper is much more easily damaged or stained than paint, and that damage will only get worse with time.

On the flip side, one of the benefits of wallpaper is that it can last for decades if properly cared for, and that makes it a good choice for people who are not planning to remodel any time soon after its application. Wallpaper also offers a wider variety of textures and patterns, which makes it a perfect choice to create smaller accent walls rather than committing a full room to a single design.


Paint is the easiest option to implement between the two because pretty much anyone can commit to properly paint a room, although you should trust a professional to save on time and money in the future. It also brings along some tough challenges. First, you have to think ahead when applying darker shades, because switching to a lighter color in the future will give you a headache, so be strategic about it.

While easier to repair damage in paint, the hard part comes when you try to match the color on the wall, and that’s even for the most experienced interior decorator.

Advantages are numerous, however. Depending on your design ideas, it’s easier to make a room feel more spacious with paint. It also helps to take advantage of natural light with paint, all the while being generally much more inexpensive. This also means that you can mix and match colors between walls to achieve different feelings with your decoration. This versatility at a low cost makes paint the preferred option for homeowners when it comes to renovating a room.

Bathroom and kitchen

Since bathrooms and kitchens are the rooms most likely to be exposed to moisture, then paint is definitely what we’d recommend for them. Wallpaper just doesn’t hold its own against steam and the constant temperature changes present in these spaces — plus, there are different paint formulas resistant to mildew, adding extra protection to your decor.

On a smaller note (pun incoming), patterns tend to make rooms look smaller, which can make bathrooms and kitchens look cluttered.


This is another space for which we’ll recommend you go with paint since it’s commonly the room that people remodel and redecorate the most throughout the years. Your tastes will evolve, and since the bedroom is typically the most intimate space in a home, you’ll want its design to keep up with them. This is especially true if you have children, since they’re prone to change their style and preferences often as they grow up.

Living rooms and dining areas

These are rooms that are usually kept neater and, therefore, don’t carry such a heavy burden, especially if you use them mostly for visits. They also tend to be some of the biggest spaces in a house, and this is what makes them more suitable candidates for wallpaper.

Being more social than the rest of the rooms also means that you can go for something with a bit more flair when decorating them, which also makes them more compatible with wallpaper, especially when it comes to adding some dimension or texture to a room (depending on the pattern, of course).

Paint is also a good choice, but since wallpaper tends to be less neutral than the former, it’s easier to make a statement with it. You can take our advice from further up and create a style that mixes a general use of paint with wallpaper accents in a smaller scale.

This short comparison is not the final word when it comes to decorating your house, but should make deciding between paint and wallpaper a little easier for you.

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